A Filling is material that fills the opening that’s left after a decayed portion of a tooth has been removed.

Avoid strenuous physical activity and smoking for the first 48-72 hours following the procedure.

Your tooth may be sensitive to biting pressure and may even appear to feel loose.

Dental laser procedures result in little or no discomfort during / after surgery.



It is very important to get a good diagnosis so that a good treatment plan can be made. The most important parameter is our experience in different dental fields. We have full mouth X-Ray facility (OPG), making diagnosis flawless.

We also have RVG facility. We also use high end electronic pulp testers along with other diagnostic aids. When it comes to diagnosis and treatment plan, we are far ahead.

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The first 48 hours are crucial to maximize the whitening results from the bleaching procedure.

Some patients experience sensitivity after bleaching. This sensitivity normally lasts 48 – 72 hours however it is not unusual for it to linger for a week or so. We recommend over the counter pain medications such as Ibuprofen, Advil or Tylenol to counteract any discomfort you may be having.

Avoid acidic fruit juices like orange juice until the sensitivity has dissipated.

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